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Luckily for me, my trip didnt end at Berlin, next stop was Amsterdam! My little brother was representing Sweden in a baseball tournament in Holland (proud of him)!Flew solo for the first time from Berlin to Copenhagen then to Amsterdam and it was a lot easier then i thought even though I got really lost and went to multiple unnecessary checkpoints... but all good, I made it!Amsterdam has this home away from home feeling. The architecture is so unique, different and imperfect but in the most perfect way. the people are the friendliest I have ever met and the vibe was only good.

Basically Amsterdam was just a perfect place, thats really all I can describe it as. Everything runs so smoothly and really is a model country. There is so much more to Amsterdam then the red lights district and coffee shops, though thats cool to check out too, there really is soooo much more to experience. Amsterdam has some of the coolest history, museums, parks, and is really a neat place to just get lost in. Walk along the canals or just take a beer at a brewery, there is way too much to do. A tip I can give is go on a rooftop! At one of the bars I went too with some people I met one night, we found the staircase to the rooftop expecting a locked door at the top, but it was unlocked and we got the best view ever. I really think there is so much fun to have in Amsterdam so I am going to make another post with just my suggestions because I had the best time ever!!

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