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Australia Bucket List

My Australian must do's

Of corse I didn't come to Australia without having a long list of things I need to do. Most of these things are very out of my comfort zone. Ya know, when you travel you get this serge of confidence and feel like a new person. In my case I always believe that all my fears will go away and I'll try a bunch of crazy stuff. Well if I'm going to do some crazy things why not do them in Australia? I hope I can cross each thing off of my list.. And of corse I'll blog all about the journey! 1. Skydive over the Great Barrier Reef. I've never been skydiving before but where better to knock it off my bucketlist? In Cairns, you can skydive with the perfect view over the Great Barrier reef.

2. Snorkel/Dive at the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier reef is the largest reef on Earth so of corse I need to see that. I've only been to tiny reefs in the Keys.

3. Hold a Koala. Who wouldn't want to hold a koala? There are tons of places where you can live out this dream, just do your research first. I'm definitely going to try to find a place that is sanctuary like.

4. Visit a pink lake in Western Australia. There is a list of lakes that turn a bright pink due to high concentration of algae. Something I just need to see with my own eyes.

5. Drink wine in Yarra Valley. Yarra Valley is located a little less than an hour from Melbourne. There, you can drink wine in a vineyard... sounds nice.

6. Cage dive with Great White sharks. I don't know if I'll actually do this one. I want too but I'm terrified. Anyway, I will see Great Whites and what better way than in a cage in the water with them.

7. Learn to surf in Surfers Paradise. I want to learn how to surf and especially in Surfers Paradise just because of the name.. I hear it's beautiful too though.

8. Try Vegemite toast. A must when in Australia. Probably should have this crossed off by now but I'm scared to try it.

9. Try an Australian BBQ. Yep, just like there's American BBQ there is also Australian BBQ and it looks pretty similar, but maybe even a little more mouthwatering.

10. Visit Tasmania. Tasmania is an island south of Melbourne. Home to the Tasmanian Devil, breathtaking nature, and insanely beautiful hikes. I gotta go. And if lucky, witness the phenomenon Aurora Australis, also known as the Southern lights.

11. Roadtrip the Great Ocean road. Said by many to be the most beautiful roadtrip in the world, the Great Ocean road is a couple of hours away from Melbourne. Along the way you can stop at sights such as the Twelve Apostles, Bells Beach, Bay of Islands, and about 19 other attractions.

12. Feed a kangaroo. Another thing I really want to do but need to do some research about first.

13. Visit Whitsundays. Named the most beautiful beach in the world. Honestly, there is no way to argue against that.

14. Swim with Ningaloo Whale sharks. In Exmouth, you can go swimming with the biggest sharks on earth, Whale sharks. This is probably the thing I want to do most.

15. See the iconic Bondi Beach. When I think of Sydney, I think of opera houses, Sydney Harbour bridge, and Bondi beach. Very touristy, very overcrowded, but said to be very worth it.

16. Explore Fraser island. Dingos, driving on the beach, rainforests. Perfect place to explore.

17. Sandboarding in Kalbarri. If I'm going to learn to surf waves then I might as well learn how to surf some sand dunes too.

18. Travel to Western Australia. Western Australia is where at least 3 of the things on this list are. Everyone goes along the east but there is so much nature to see in the west too.

I'm sure through my travels I'll be adding tons of new things and of corse giving tips on all the amazing things that there are to do in Australia xx

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