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Berlin Wall & Yamms

Of course I had to see a little bit of the berlin wall, plus it was on the way to the bar we were heading to so why not. Unfortunutely there was a huge fence in front of the whole thing, half of it was being repainted, and the rod beside it was so small, filled with so many tourist, that it was hard to see much. But I did see some of it and it was pretty cool!

After the berlin wall, we went to a bar called Yamms to meet up with our friends. Yamms is probably the chillest, most laid back place I have ever been. Its outside, covered in art. The place has been turned into a beachy vibe with sand and palm trees and tons of hammock. Everyone is just sleeping in hammocks or laying in the sand with some beer. There is also a market where you can buy tye dye shirts, beaded jewlery, and drums. Also tons of food stands and the best part is that its hidden away and right on the water front.

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