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Brussels Has My Heart

Brussels is the kind of city that gives real travel depression.

Just imagine a place with chocolate shops on every block, beer and fries as easy to come by as water, buildings out of a fairytale, the smell of waffles through out the streets, and the friendliest, craziest people...

I was in Brussels a little over two months ago and I still think about that place almost everyday. I have even promised myself that I will live there for a while at some point in the near future. I have never felt at home so quickly in a city before, so welcomed as in Brussels.

Besides the amazing waffles, beer, chocolate, and french fries, the city is absolutely stunning. I seriously dont think I saw one building I didnt love. The architecture was so different from anything I had ever seen. A lot of Europe looks very similar but not Brussels, it was completely different.

We spent most of our time getting lost in the city, lounging in parks, eating a bit too much, and trying the strangest beers like cotton candy and cookie flavored beer, haha

One of the days we spent some time looking for the comic wall art that is hidden around the city which was very cool. A lot of the pieces have stories behind them and its also a great way to get around to different parts of the city on your own- Just a TIP :)

Usually I dont like to take tours because I think they are a bit too touristy but we decided to take the beer tour which was very touristy but still very very worth it! Everyone on the tour was our age up to probably 35 years old and very international. We had Australians, Norweigans, Americans, South Americans, etc. We learned a lot of interesting facts about beer, tried a lot of different types of beers, and had lots of good conversation! It was definitely all smiles and laughs there, haha. The tour ended at the bar Delirium which is a world record bar for having the largest variety of beers available... as I was told (and its true) every beer drinker will find a beer they dont like there and every non-beer drinker will find a beer they love! We enjoyed the place so much that we went back the next night ;)

I will definitely be seeing Brussels many many more times! Cannot wait to be back there!

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