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Busy Week

Besides the fact that I have been terribly sick, this week has been one of the best weeks I have had in a while! This week I have gotten to connect with some old friends, I have met tons of new people, and have basically been super busy which I love. My favorite thing is to have so much on my plate that I dont even have time to sleep and this week has been like that.... I mean I seriously have not had any time to sleep at all, haha. I have been living off of everything that has ginger in it to the point where I do not ever want anything with ginger again. But I finally feel better so I guess it worked! I just got home and it feels good to be able to finally sit down, eat a homemade breakfast, and take a short nap. In a couple hours I am hoping on a cruise ship to Visby to meet an awesome couple that I met last night. Very spontaneous but I have never been to Gotland so I figured why not! I unfortunately have to work on Tuesday so it will only be a one day trip for me but still excited! Mostly excited to see the couple again though, definitely two of the coolest people I have ever met. Love making connections with people from different places.. always such interesting conversations which makes for unforgettable moments. Gotta get some rest now! Hope everyone else has had a really good week as well!

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