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Bye Welly

Today I picked up all my belongings, once again, to venture on to new things.

After a year of living in New Zealand, it was finally time to say goodbye and go back to Melbourne where I will be studying for the next two years (and then who knows where I’ll find myself after that).

I didn’t expect to fall in love with New Zealand so much... but I did. More specifically, with Wellington. Wellington became home and everything felt so right. A piece of me remains in Wellington and always will and one day I’ll go back and create more memories but also revisit old ones.

Each goodbye is always so hard. But I am so thankful for each memory, moment, and the growth that each day gives me.

I always get quite attached to the places I lI’ve. I get attached to the routine I make, the solid life. But I also get really attached to the spontaneous moments, those moments you never forget. Meeting so many different people and creating unforgettable memories with all of them. That my favourite part about moving around but also my least favourite. Nothings ever permanent of corse, but sometimes it would be nice if things could last a little longer. This way of living does keep me present though.

I can’t imagine living my life any other way. Getting to experience different places where I never knew I belonged.

Thank you Wellington.

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