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Girls Afternoon

Today was a very slow and relaxing day. Lately I have been so busy with finding a new apartment and job after deciding to permanently move to Stockholm. In less than two weeks I have to be moved out of my apartment and I still have not found a new one or a new job since my summer job is over in a week. I have been glued to the computer everyday applying like crazy to everything I have found but no luck so far, I am determined though! I also have a friend staying with me right now so every second Im not on the computer, I am showing her around the city. Have not really been able to sit back a breathe for quite some time now but I like being busy so its okay, haha

Today I got to sleep in until 9.00 which felt sooo nice since I have been waking up at 4.00 each morning to leave for work. I relaxed for a while in bed with coffee in hand and finally finished my book. Afterwards I went into town to meet a friend for brunch at Pom & Flora.

After brunch I went back home to meet with my friend who is staying with me and we went into town to get our nails done. I found a really cute little place in Östermalm online so we decided to try it out. I decided to do a nude gel manicure. I have become so obsessed with nude everything lately so of course I have to get my nails in nude, haha. I was so hungry afterwards and had a crazy craving for a good pizza so we decided to find a pizza place. Picky me didnt like any of the places we passed so we ended up walking quite a bit. We ran upon a block that was packed with restaurants that had all their seating in the road which was closed off. looked very interesting and there was a ton of people there so we decided to check it out. Lucky me, there was a pizza place!

So there we sat for about 3 hours talking over wine and pizza and enjoying the sunset! Definitely never thought that bananas, pineapple, and curry would be a good mix on pizza but it was the best pizza I have ever had! Definitely my new go-to place. The name of it is TVÅ and it is located in Vasastan near t-bana Sankt Eriksplan ;)


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