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Glad Midsommar From Australia

Happy late Midsummer to all my Swedish loves! So strange to celebrate midsummer here in Australia... Not becuase I'm abroad since I've celebrated midsummer in Florida but because it's actually winter here (opposite seasons in Australia for you that didn't know). And yes, winter in Melbourne is COLD. Friday night which is midsummer eve (when you normally would celebrate) I was at my friends aparmtent with a some old and new friends. We ate some traditional midsummer food (kind of) and drank lots of snaps... tried singing the snaps songs but none of us knew all the words to any of them (bad Swedes haha). I actually made one of the snaps. First time ever making it but I think it turned out okay actually! After that we went out and had a good time. Then on Saturday my friend Elin who lives outside of Melbourne came down and we went to the Swedish church for traditional celebration. I knew that there were a lot of Swedes in Melbourne but wow there was really sooo many people there. So fun! We made 'midsommarkransar' ate sill and strawberry cake and all that good stuff! Made me miss Sweden even more. Hope you all had a great midsummer! I miss wrting in Swedish so I might look into buying a keyboard with the letters soon :)

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