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Me Too.

'I had another post that I was going to publish today but it didn't feel right because there is something on my mind that I just need to talk about. Me too.

If you have been on facebok the past 4 or so days then you have seen that women are posting 'me too' as their statuses to show how common it is for women to be sexually harrassed. I am completely blown away by how many of my facebook friends have posted the status. It hurts. It's disgusting.

I have re-written this blog post maybe four times now... and I just can't seem to find the right words. At first I wanted to go into detail and say everything that has happened to me. I started remembering more and more and it got too emotional for me and to be completely honest I'm not sure everyone would be able to stomach it. But I can't say nothing. This issue has become so ignored. It's something we don't talk about.. but why? because talking about sexual harrasment makes people uncomfortable? Talking about it makes men uncomfortable? Well you know whats more uncomfortable? Being forced to do things we didn't want to do/being forced to see things we didn't want to see/being forced to hear things we didn't want to hear.

Rape needs to be talked about. Cat-calling, ass grabbing.. all of it.

Instead of teaching us what to wear and how much to drink society should be teaching boys respect. Not only not to sexually harrass women but to stand up for whats wrong.

So many old emotions have risen for me. So much sadness and anger. I can't stop thinking of the things I've been through and I wish I could say I have learned to accept the past and have learned something but I haven't. All it's given me is pain. Those men have taken away so much from me. My innocence, vulnerability, how I view adults and how I view my friends. But what was taken away from me that hurts the most is my feeling of safety. I don't feel safe. I am so paranoid when I walk home from work alone at night. I get paranoid when a guy sits by me on the subway and no one else is near or when someone walks too close behind me.

St. Pete (Florida) never felt like my home. Sweden was always been like a safe haven for me... it always felt like home, like I belonged. If you know that feeling then you know how amazing it is to have that kind of place. But that was taken away from me... That feeling I will never forget.

Not all men are bad, but all women are sexually harrassed.

Most women don't even know that they have been sexually harrassed. You do not have to be brutally raped. Anything sexual that makes you uncomfotable is sexual harrassment. Name calling, following, touching.. all of that. Most likely, you have experienced something that I have named.

Stay strong, be kind, and take care of eachother xx

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