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Night Out With Mamma

Being able to spend some time with my family lately has been very nice! It is so hard living thousands of miles away from each other but it truly makes me appreciate every moment I get with them. I havnt done much writing since they have been here because I am trying to soak up every second I have with them but now I have a little bit of time :)

I have mostly been spending time with my mom since my brother and dad have been so busy with baseball but thats okay since after Spain they will have a lot more time! Plus I got a lot of quality time with Jack since he came a couple weeks earlier then mom and dad. I am so proud of him and happy that he is doing so well with his baseball! I have no doubt that he will be going pro very soon ;) But it has been nice to get some time alone with my mom! She definitely belongs back in Stockholm, haha. Last night we had a very good time! My mom isnt the party type but she always breaks that rule for one night every time she comes to Stockholm and last night was that night! Mom was meeting up with a bunch of friends and I decided to tag along. The older I get, the more fun I think it is to hangout with adults, haha. We started off at Wiener cafeet with coffee and then went over to Östermalms Saluhall where we drank wine and ate Skagen at Lisa Elmqvist for probably around 4 hours or so. Eventually we were ready to move on to the next place and decided to take a glass at East located at Stureplan which is a very nice place to just sit down and relax a little. But of course, no night is complete without a little dancing so we decided to move again and went to the Vodka bar! We danced for a bit but then mom and I decided it was time to go home and get some rest, I think we are both getting a little to old to stay out too late, haha Always a good time!!

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