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Be mindful of your self-talk.

You know that voice that talks to you throughout the day. What does it say? What’s it telling you? Can you count how many times a negative thought arises? How do you think of yourself? Do you judge yourself?

It’s important to notice what that inner voice is saying. Teach it to be kind. Teach it to love you and accept you. We are all worthy of self love and love from others but it must start with self love.

It’s normal to have negative thoughts and to judge yourself but do pay attention. With time and acknowledgement, we can shift to positive patterns.

It took my a long time to actually start to pay attention to what was going on inside my head. I've learned to accept but also dismiss my thoughts. They aren't as loud as they use to be. This is because I've learned to be more present and not live in the future or past.. not live in my head.

Living in your head seems like the 'normal' thing to do because we aren't taught that it isn't suppose to be that way.

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