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Shared Experience

With being present comes a sense of understanding for the people around you. A lot of us go through feelings of sadness, anxiety, fear, etc. I know from experience that it can be so easy to feel like your alone and the only one experiencing the feelings you are. Other people can seem so happy and put together that they must never feel the feelings that I feel. I then started to realise that the people closest to me didn’t ever think I had such bad anxiety, they didn’t think I had anxiety at all.  I’ve been told by friends that I seem so outgoing and happy. They had no idea that some days I struggled to show up for them or even get out of bed. But the weirdest part is I didn’t realise the closest people to me were struggling as well, unless they told me. They would flat out have to say “hey I’ve been depressed” or “hey I’ve been struggling with this.” How could I not tell that they were struggling with something? How couldn’t they tell I was? Surely when your so close to someone you would know, right? The more I’ve explored this, I’ve learned that we are all at each moment experiencing some kind of emotion/feeling. At this very moment, what do you feel? Do you regularly notice this feeling? Do you feel present with this feeling? Where do you feel it?

In this moment I feel positive feelings. But when I notice those feelings of anxiety, I can feel like I’m alone. It feels like I’m experiencing this feeling that is so terrible and no one can understand me. That’s what I thought until I began to realise in each of those moments I felt anxious, tons of other people were feeling the exact same thing even some at the exact same time. I realised that this is a shared experience I’m having with lots of other people and that they are having with me. This made me feel better because I’m not alone, we never are. We are experiencing this all together as one.

The more present you stay, the more you also begin to notice the feelings of the people around you. Observe how people act and you’ll understand how they feel. Things will be a lot different then what they have appeared.

Observe and experience.

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