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Until Next Time Visby

Back home in Stockholm now and absolutely exhausted. I got home around 11.00 last night and instantly fell asleep as soon as I hit my bed.

Even though the trip was very very short, it is one I will always remember! I cannot wait to go back to Gotland and see everything the island has. I also am so happy with the new friends I have made. They are both some of the most welcoming, friendly, and fun people I have ever met and I will definitely be visiting them in the near future.

So many memories were made. I cannot be happier that I took a spontaneous trip with people I hardly knew... experience always makes for great adventure!

Now I have about 5 days until I leave for Berlin and Amsterdam. All I want to do is relax this weekend... have not gotten to do that in a while.

For now, just uploading all the blog posts I didnt have a computer to upload in Gotland and then maybe movie and a bed.

Life is so good. Never say no to a trip, no matter how big or small or last minute or planned. They all end in experience and memories!

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