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Valkommen Till Gotland!

Late last night I made it to Visby, a little town on the island Gotland. After a 2 hour train ride and 3 hour boat ride, I was exhausted. I walked from the boat terminal to the hostel and instantly fell in love with my surroundings. Yes it was so dark I could hardly see and I only walked about 5 blocks but i could already tell that this place was going to be amazing! Woke up super early today and started with coffee at a little cafe called kärlek cafe. After our little energy charge, we decided to just start exploring the streets. Absolutely in love with this little town! All the buildings are tiny with low, slanted roofs. The whole town is surrounded by an old stone wall thats overgrown with flowers and vines. Cute little coffee shops and more pubs then I have ever seen are on each corner. Lucky us, we are here after tourist season so now its just local families roaming the streets. My favorite thing here is that all the ice cream shops have local ice cream, the beers are local from the brewery, and the foods are mostly grown/raised on the island. Not to mention that everyone is so friendly! In Sweden, tipping is not necessary and I barely ever do it but my friends and I have felt obligated to tip everywhere we have been because the service has been outstanding. We always get a free dessert or a waitor/waitress who comes and sits down to talk to us, feel so welcomed! Today has mostly been about exploring the streets. We went to a museum where we learned a little background history, ate at an american bbq resturant for lunch, tried some Gotlands ice cream (which is delicious) , and climbed to some nice views in the ruins. Now we have been hanging out at the hostel and are going to leave soon to try out some breweries! Very excited to go out and try some local beers from small pubs filled with locals and then back here in our hostel!

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