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Back in June, My friend from America came to Stockholm to visit me and we did a small, spontaneous trip to Warsaw and Brussels! First she came to Stockholm for a couple of days which was a lot of fun being able to show one of the best friends where I live now. I definitely need to work on being a better tour guide of Stockholm... since Im so use to living here, I often forget what to show others that dont know Stockholm like me. Next time I will definitely have more things planned to do/see. The night before leaving for Warsaw we did a bit of partying so when we got home, intoxicated us decided it was the right time to pack clothes... bad idea as nothing I packed matched, was all for winter, and I packed about three items of clothing... So to say the least, i looked great on that trip... Our flight for warsaw left early the next morning and we missed our bus so we had to run with all our bags to the train station, and thankfully made it on time! I wasnt quite sure what to expect as when I looked online I saw a lot of other travelers warning of taxi mafias, mobbings, fights, and the city being very unsafe at night. Us as two small girls, I was a bit nervous of what could happen. Well I am going to let everyone know now that I never once felt unsafe or on edge in Warsaw. We did get a lot of stares but that was the worst thing that happened. We even went out at night and had absolutely no problem at all. We spent most of our time in Stare Miasto (Old Town) which was stunning! All the buildings were covered in different patterns and faded colors. We spent lots of time wandering the streets and taking lots of pictures... it was just that beautiful. The more central downtown area was a lot different then I expected. A lot more sky scrapers and big buisness buildings. A lot of beaten up buildings, graffiti, and abandoned buildings with broken windows were around the city, especially where we were living but I actually really liked it and thought it was interesting to see! Im definitely a lot more into the rough style of buildings and cities then the perfect, clean ones. The most dangerous thing about Warsaw is how cheap the alcohol and food is! Mojitos were a quarter of the price of beer in Stockholm and beer was the price of a piece of chewing gum!! Insane. Within our last few hours in Warsaw, I got extremely sick and scared, I instantly told my friend to call an ambulance. When she asked the front desk, they told us we would have to go look for a taxi... lots of help. So we went outside to start walking and I drank lots of water but decided to fight the sickness. Thats when we realized my friend had boughten a ticket for the 4 in the morning bus, not afternoon. After pleading for a ticket exchange, we went to find our tram station. But after going to 5 different tram stations which were all going in different directions then we needed, we started to panic. No one spoke English so we ended up running for at least a mile, crying to a taxi driver, missing our bus to the airport, having to plead for new bus tickets... BUT we made it :) All in all, warsaw was a very different, interesting, but a fun place! Happy we got to experience it, even after all the trouble... but it all just makes for a better story! Definitely have lots of good memories exploring the streets, drinking polish beer on the porch of our apartment while talking under the stars, trying flavored polish shots, and eating all kinds of piergois with every meal :) And a completely different culture then what I am use to which was very cool to experience!

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